Gauri Mohan

Gauri Mohan

Strategic Transformation Coach & Consultant

Presenter Bio

Gauri was employed as a Strategist in Ford Motor Company and possesses over 14 years of diversified experience. As an Agile coach, she has been responsible for defining global strategy for, and lead Agile Transformation for Ford Motors in India. She was also responsible for co-creating the Ford Agile Framework globally with her team.

A Design Thinker and a Strategist, she's helped clients design strategy and bring Transformation in Design Thinking , Culture , Innovation and Agile. She's employed the methods of Training , Coaching and Consulting them to get business value faster , higher and for longer. All towards eventually having a positive impact on company's performance

Session Title

Creating an Agile Culture

Session Theme


Session Overview

  • To bring Agile Transformation in an organisation is all about bringing change in the culture of your organisation.
  • Bringing any change is hard but sustenance requires even all the more understanding the underlying currents in an ocean.
  • As Agile is a lot more to do with the mindset .Let's bring that Cultural shift to bring Agile transformation which is more deep and sustainable.

Session Agenda

  • Corporate Culture - past , present and future
  • Dysfunctions in a team
  • Why Create an Agile Culture
  • Enabling and Sustaining Agile Culture
  • Activity
  • Questions
  • About myself

Session Takeaways

  • Agile is a Culture Shift
  • Why Culture is important to Agile
  • Identify dysfunctions in your team and organisation
  • How to Enable and sustain Agile Culture in your organisation
  • Activity - Experience 'Self-Organizing Team Culture'


45 Mins