Karl Scotland

Director Karl Scotland Ltd,
Co-Founder & Board Member Lean Systems Society

Presenter Bio

Karl Scotland has been a leading voice in Agile, and Agile consulting, having helped businesses become Learning Organizations with Strategy Deployment and Kanban. He’s the founding member of both the Lean Systems Society, as well as the Limited WIP Society, and the creator of Kanban Thinking, Ball Flow Game and the Lego Flow Game. Being a leading voice in the Agile field, he was awarded the honorary Brickell Key Community Contribution Award at the 2013 Lean Kanban North America conference.

Opening Keynotes

Leading, Lasting, Learning


Learning is a key part of both Lean and Agile. Learning about customer needs and how to most effectively meet those needs. But as well as learning how to solve today's problems, we need to be able to solve tomorrow's problems, and next weeks, and next years. We need to learn how to learn. This talk will describe how Strategy Deployment can be used to lead lasting learning, with some tools and techniques that can help achieve that goal.

Closing Keynote

Failure is Not an Option


For many organisations, failure is something to be avoided. Poor results are frowned upon, so people don’t take risks and hide undesirable results for fear of being blamed and punished. However, it is precisely these failures that generate new information from which we can learn, and that learning is what leads to organisational improvement and long term success. This talk will explore why failure is not an option, but a necessity, and how we can make failure and friend and not a foe.


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