Associate Vice-President - CIO & Head of Excellence, Brillio

Presenter Bio

Moses is the CIO and head of excellence at Brillio. He led the cloud transformation of the enterprise. With 20 years of career experience, he has led multiple change management initiatives to drive better delivery to customers. He has spoken in multiple conferences and writes his blogs in Linkedin. His interests are storytelling, imagining products that break barriers and motivating people by helping them see life as a whole.

Session Title

Value Engineer your products

Session Theme

Startup, Lean and Product Development

Session Overview

How do you know value is delivered? Typical answer is through customer feedback. Isn't it too late? Isn't value built in? Should we not ascertain value upfront. Can past success and failures provide us clues for building value? This talk will provide methods on how to build value in the product based on Brillio's OnTheGo mobile product and CODEX, the portfolio management solution

Session Agenda

  • Part 1 - Introduction to software development platform in Digital Era, how has it changed (20 minutes)
  • Part II - Introducing Need and Value dimensions - 10 minutes
  • Part III - 5 elements - understanding need, building value and finally measuring in an automated way - 45 minutes

Session Takeaways

  • Develop the ability of thinking in reality to identify needs
  • Qualify the value upfront for every aspect of the product
  • Come up with ideas on possibilities to make a great product
  • Understand the concept of telemetry


90 Mins


Industry Expert Panel Discussion on "State of Business Agility"