Noopur Pathak

Noopur Pathak

Consultant and Media Editor, INNOVATION ROOTS


Noopur Pathak works as a Consultant and Media Editor at INNOVATION ROOTS. She leads the strategic partner accounts and act as Media Editor for She is a powerful business growth driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision has carried the organization through rapid and continuous growth.

She has extensive Digital Marketing experience, in helping organization drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in new business growth online and beyond. She is also an active public speaker and participated in various Agile Community events over the last 3 years.

As a Digital Marketing Trainer, Noopur has developed and delivered workshops in different B-schools including Christ University, Bangalore, in the areas of, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, LinkedIn Sales and Email Marketing. Her experiments of mixing Agile Practices and Startup ways to Digital Marketing are resulting in wonders, which she is willing and happy to share with the community.

A Poet by heart, Noopur always carried her passion to write wherever she had been, and is hard at work on her first book.

Session Title

Digital Marketing for Startup



Session Overview

Digital Marketing practices have pushed communications to an advanced level and transformed the way we market, sell or buy in past few decades. We often hear a lot of Digital Marketing transformation stories for big brands with fat budgets. But Startups wants to maximize ROI on every penny that is spent on Digital Marketing to sustain in the fast-paced competitive marketplace. This is where significance of Lean Thinking as ‘System of Innovation’ comes into the picture to transform the way Digital Marketing can be practiced. It results in making stronger connections with the customer and maximizing ROI with increased brand awareness, website traffic and leads for the business by following the ‘Build-Measure-Learn’ process. It will be depicted through engaging and insightful activities in the workshop.

It is all about thinking big, starting small and scaling fast.


90 Mins