Saikat Das

Saikat Das

Associate Director, Cognizant

Presenter Bio

Saikat has nearly 18 years of experience in Leading Agile Transformation of multiple strategic, large and distributed global agile portfolio for esteemed clients. He works with client CIO and leadership team for key business outcomes and value delivered through Agile.
He is accountable to build Agile Centre of Practice in the organization, Driving a culture of - Innovation, Intrinsic motivation, Build in Quality, Engineering Excellence and lean philosophy/ practice in Agile Engagements.
Saikat is a passionate Leader who believes "people are key organizational assets" and he also mentors, enables and transforms individual and groups to a High Performing Agile member/Teams to unleash their fullĀ  potential of self organizing.
As a learner by nature, Saikat is student & practitioner of Systems Design and Thinking / Learning Organizations, People Dynamics, Leadership & Motivation and Team Building.

Session Title

5 Steps to revolutionize Lean Product Development

Session Theme


Session Overview

This is a experience sharing session of how Agile combined with Lean Principles help organizations to revolutionize Product Development and get their best value from market.

Session Agenda

  • Although traditionally applied in manufacturing, lean methods is helping IT in this current era of Random Business Dynamics and Uncertainty - because all businesses benefit from cycle time improvements, increased productivity, cost savings, and more.
  • The session is backed up by Saikat’s practical experience and five guiding principles in lean development, which includes:
    • Specify value for your customers
    • Identify and focus on your value stream
    • Create flow by eliminating waste
    • Respond to customer pull
    • Pursue perfection through repetition

Session Takeaways

  • We will learn how as we refine our processes & approach the results will follow and our customers will realize the benefits.
  • How to interweave lightweight design and user research throughout an agile development process, rather than relying on most of the product design and research to be done up front.


45 Mins