Sarath Kummamuru

Sarath Kummamuru

CTO, Airtel Payment Bank

Presenter Bio

Sarath Kummamuru is a renowned technologist, Information Architect and Agile Coach with a passion and track record of building great teams and products to WOW customers.

Currently operating as the Chief Technical Officer of Airtel Payments Bank, he boasts an immaculate, prestigious career that involves holding several prominent leadership positions in the India branch of some of the biggest organizations worldwide including Yahoo, Google and Amazon. He’s played an integral part in their growth, consolidation and organizational improvement.

Throughout his prestigious career, he's specialized in Large Scale Architecture, Agile Methods, Engineering Excellence, Internet Technologies, as well as Leadership roles to guide organizations towards success.


A divergent view of role of Scrum Master




Scrum Master role is a very misunderstood role in Scrum. Starting with being a Master of the team to being a manager for the team. The concept of servant leadership is very misunderstood and the topic today is about key best practices around how the Scrum Master role is about helping the team understand the right practices, enabling visibility that pushes the team to make corrections, and enables the team to continuously improve. This topic is based on experiences of the speaker having worked in agile environments from 2002 and having helped over 5000 team members in about 20 organisations to transition to agile.


45 Mins


Industry Expert Panel Discussion on "State of Business Agility"