Siraj Sirajuddin


Founder, Temenos + Agility

Presenter Bio

Siraj with his 25+ years of experience with transforming Enterprises, Culture, Leadership and Agility. He has provided excellent Change Management Coaching and Leadership to large organizations from all over the globe.

He is the author of the upcoming book “The Temenos Effect: The Surprising Results of Wounded Healers Approaching the Transforming Enterprise, Culture and Leadership ”.

Siraj Sirajuddin founded Temenos in 2012 after two decades of intense experimentation, has taken a deep dive into the hard work of Enterprise Transformation. He is an MBA and one of the few global SPCTs (Scaled Agile Framework SPC Trainers). He and his team of Enterprise Change Agents work with large and complex enterprises all over the world. He is a global nomad and travels between USA and Asia Pacific every month.

Siraj hosts the venerable annual STIA+Temenos Conference that is celebrating its 26th anniversary this year.

He has two daughters and loves poetry, music, movies, singing and painting.

Keynote Session

Leading with Vision is Vital!


As a Leader, a well-articulated Vision is vital to all that we do. And having that Vision come from you and your team is critical to create a sense of belonging and alignment. Join Siraj Sirajuddin in this experiential keynote where we'll explore past influences and clean our slate of all that baggage that's been sabotaging us, so that we can get to the good stuff! Articulating our personal visions and creating an action plan to put that vision into motion.