Yogesh Raheja

Sunil Mundra

Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Presenter Bio

Sunil Mundra is a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has extensive experience in consulting international organizations on the path of Agile and Lean Transformation. He is expertised in helping organizations to become more responsive to leverage the dynamic business environment, for increasing their competitive advantage. He has worked with senior executives to shape and execute the roadmap for change.
Sunil has 28 years of industry experience, of which 17 years is related to information technology. Before joining the IT sector, Sunil has held leadership positions in Consumer and Corporate Finance.
Sunil has spoken at 20+ conferences in 9 countries across 5 continents on Agile related topics. He is currently writing a book on “Enterprise Agility In The New Era”.

Session Title

The Elephant Can Dance

Session Theme


Session Overview

Agile Transformation Journeys are difficult, long and uncertain. They need patience, perseverance, conviction, commitment and an unwavering focus on outcomes. It is therefore not surprising, that as of now there are very few known instances of successful Agile Transformation. For organization which are intending to commence a Transformation and also those who are doing it, the lessons learned from successful and not so successful transformations should prove highly valuable.
The speaker will showcase 2 contrasting case studies, one a failure and the other a success in Agile transformation, to bring out the key variables that determine success or failure in Agile Transformation. The speaker will offer practical recommendations on enablers for successful Agile Transformation.

Session Agenda

  • Differences between Adoption, Transformation and Change
  • Case study of a failed Transformation
  • Case study of a successful Transformation
  • Key takeaways for enabling Transformation

Session Takeaways

  • Understand the difference between Agile Adoption and Transformation
  • Understand the difference between Change Management and Agile Transformation
  • Get insights into reasons for Agile Transformation failure, based on a case study
  • Get insights into reasons for Agile Transformation success, based on a case study
  • Get practical advice on enablers for successful Agile Transformation


45 Mins


Agile Expert Panel Discussion on "Future of Agile"