Vishwanath Venugopalakrishnan

Vishwanath Venugopalakrishnan

DevOps Architect, Agility Roots

Presenter Bio

Vishwanath Venugopalakrishnan is a multifaceted Consulting Technologist with over 8 years of experience as a practitioner of Agile and DevOps philosophies. Vishwanath is Certified in DevOps Foundation by the DevOps Institute and has expertise in tools and processes for DevOps and Continuous Delivery. He is enthusiastic in working with teams to understand their concerns, and then architect and implement solutions that are the right-fit.
Vishwanath utilizes knowledge effectively as a vehicle for change, and has been instrumental in driving collaboration and transformation through knowledge-sharing at enterprises. In his most recent assignments, he has been responsible for articulating a DevOps Vision and Implementation Strategy for a Fortune 500 enterprise, and driving DevOps automation and Continuous Delivery at a worldwide enterprise travel platform. Vishwanath comes from a reputed academic background having gained his Masters from one of the world’s leading Universities.

Session Title

Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Containerization with Docker

Session Theme


Session Overview

This session combines the principles of Test-Driven Development and Containerization. Test-Driven Development is a well-known Software Development process with a focus on minimizing waste. If followed properly, the TDD principles help developers achieve a clear focus on software acceptance criteria.
On the other hand, containerization is a key to DevOps automation practice that has gained a lot of traction relatively to the Docker. When utilized properly, containerization can help to transform your application and its environment into a lean and immutable artifact. Given that, Containerization and TDD help to achieve Lean practices, it also follows that TDD can be effectively used to drive the design, development and validation of Dockerized applications. TDD principles can help create highly efficient, validated application images.
This session introduces participants to the idea of utilizing TDD for developing Docker images, and then demonstrates an example of utilizing TDD for containerizing a sample application.

Session Agenda

  • 15 min - Overview of principles
  • 15 min - Interactive Demo
  • 15 min - Q & A and Discussions.


  • An understanding of Test Driven Development
  • A basic understanding of ServerSpec
  • Ideas for how TDD can benefit containerization
  • A basic understanding of Docker
  • A demo of creating validated Docker images for a web application.


45 Mins