Prachi Saraph

Director - Program Management, Engineering at Guavus


Prachi made a conscious shift to focussing her career path on leading agile transformation exclusively for tams and organization few years back. She strongly believes that the focus of transformation should be people and culture, and not ceremonial agile alone. Prachi comes from the background of owning product delivery from inception to enablement for software products from all dimensions (technology, process and people) which are driven by analytical capabilities in various domains such as customer intelligence in communication and retail industry, social network analysis and regulatory risk in the banking domain. She is an expert in implementing various techniques in data science, predictive modeling, forecasting and graph theory related algorithms, as a part of software product or a b spoke solution. Due to her passion for women leadership and gender sensitisation, Prachi started her own initiative thru ‘Kokoro’ and she tries to contribute to this area at personal and professional level.


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