Pradeep Kumar NR

Agile & DevOps coach, SIQ-Accenture


Pradeep Kumar NR likes to be called as Pradeep, works in SIQ-Accenture as an agile/DevOps coach. Before joining SIQ-Accenture, Pradeep was in CISCO as an architect and a tech coach. Having an overall of 15 yrs experience. Being an agile practitioner Pradeep is hands-on, XP practitioner, helping teams in their journey of transformation. He is involved in many large-scale transformation engagements.

Pradeep is a CSPO and SAFe agilist certified and speaks in various meetups and conferences including XP India, Cisco Dev conf, AAC, TAC etc. Apart from loving his job, he also loves to read books and swimming.

Session Title

Zero Dollar BDD

Session Overview

Do you feel that communication can be improved among Biz, Dev and Ops? Do you know that Behavior Driven Development(BDD) can help you there? Do you know what is the cost of putting BDD into practice? Join us in this interactive workshop on how to get benefits of BDD with (almost) zero dollar investment. Learn some simple ways on how you can implement BDD on your own, no matter what your role is.

Session Takeaways

  • What is BDD?
  • Why BDD?
  • How to implement BDD without investment
  • BDD is not costly. Org-wide decisions are not required to practice it. Even when org has constraints either in money or structure, always we can start simple and inspire people to take it wide
  • Spending authority is not required to start a change.