Vishal Prasad

Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks


Vishal’s expertise spans across Enterprise & Technical Agility - Consulting, Training, and Gamification of your serious business that gets the job done. He is passionate about it and believe that innovation is a habit that must be cultivated in order to achieve excellence. He helps to catalyse agility from concept to production by providing visible results much sooner than when organisations work alone.

With a focus on technical practices, he helps enterprise leaders understand Agile & Lean philosophies and provide the necessary assistance with their (and their team's) metamorphosis. He love experimenting with new tools & techniques with an attempt to be as cross-functional as possible.

He recently co-founded EnterpriseJoy (Gamifying Enterprise Agility), He is an organiser of the Pune Business Agility Meetup (#PuneBAM) - the official Pune chapter of the Business Agility Institute, He is a avid reader-speaker-blogger, and an active member of various agility communities.

Session Title

A "Quality" Debate - Rethinking the mindset for non-negotiable Quality in Software Products

Session Overview

One of the key reasons for embracing agility is faster feedback which helps improve the perceived quality of a software product. And every team is focused towards delivering quality, no one wakes up in the morning with an idea to introduce defects, we naturally ideate to solve problems. Unknowingly though, dysfunctions always creep in and identifying a dysfunction is extremely difficult especially when you are a part of the dysfunction.

In this 45 min talk, discussion is about the importance of quality and how it's no longer negotiable even if Project Management principles tell us otherwise. Stories from past experience, and from organisations ranging from GM to Mumbai Dabbawalas that have embraced the "Quality is not Negotiable" principle and seen the difference.

I present the context of defect severity and how these may create an illusion of quality; how accountability of a single person (e.g.: Product Owner) may result in a "Lack of Commitment" dysfunction; and how cost is not really proportional to quality especially when it comes to delivering virtual products and services related to it.

Session Takeaways

  • Understanding the perceived nature of quality
  • Highlighting the dysfunctions that affect quality
  • Mention simple practices to avoid pit-falls
  • Building high quality products that customers love.